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I've had some messages from people who would like to download my kits/clusters and can't because they are unable to click on the "Download Link". This often happens to me when I visit other blogs. I'm a chrome user and I sometimes have to switch my browser to Internet Explorer to be able to click on the downloads. Also, another thing that helps me when a blog looks out of order is change my settings to view the page at 90% and that usually fixes the problem and I can view the blog the way it should be.
Hopefully this will help you.

If you are still having problems and/or have question please email me - .Thank you so much.
Hugs, Peace
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FTU CU TOU/Tutorial Writers

FTU CU TOU - You may colorize, resize or accesserize my Free to use CU Products. You can not resell as invidual items. You may add them to FTU or PTU kits.
No Credit needed but is appreciated.
A thank you when downloading is always appreciated.

Tutorial Writers
You are more than welcome to use my kits in your tutorial, all I ask, is that you give a link back here to my blog. Please share small freebie kits as a whole. The Larger kits, you can upload what is being used in you tutorial to a share file, in addition to a link back here to my blog.
If you have question please email me -

Thank you so much.
Hugs, Peace



Thursday, December 18, 2008
Holiday Saving for My Blog viewers.
Because I was so fortunate to be born on Christmas.
This 35% off code HHPeace will be good for the first 43 people
who purchase any of my scrap products.
It is a one time use coupon.
And it will expire on 12/26/08
So hurry grab the code and save...
Make my birthday and your gift buying a big happy event...
Hugs, Peace
Thursday, December 11, 2008
Many designer have joined in to bring you
loads of free kits, that will make up one totally
Awesome MEGA kit.
Jump in and start downloading.
Have fun dowloading all the kits
from the list blinkies at the link below!!!
Click on the Christmas Around the World blinkie below. Merry Christmas!!!
This a preview of my part of this Train.
Click on the image to download. Remember it is free to give a little love!!! Hugs, Peace
This award was given to me by a new dear friend, Sizzel.
Thank you, Sizzel this means a alot to me.
The rules are simple...
Choose 5 Treasured Friends who have not yet received it and forward the love!
My Treasured Friends are:
All of these ladies are dear and sweet,
I appreciate each of them for who they are
but most of all for their friendship and kindness.
Thank you Ladies for all you do.
Be sure an check out their blog.
Thursday, November 6, 2008
Honored with this great AWARD again... I have been awarded this wonderful award from Jilzy of Jilzy's Scraps and Trese of Trese's PSP Tags. Thanks so much ladies! The rules of this award are to say 7 things, I love and to then pass this award onto 7 people. The 7 things, I love are...
The Good Lord
Bible Study
My love
Sons and Daughter
online friends
Creating with PSP
And now i have to pass this award onto 7 people.So the 7, I have choosen are...
Saturday, November 1, 2008

Honored with the great AWARD

I have been awarded this wonderful award from Stacey of S&M Creations, Aurien of Distinctively Auri Scraps and Rachel of Rachelz Expressonz. Thanks so much ladies!
The rules of this award are to say 7 things, I love and to then pass this award onto 7 people.
The 7 things, I love are... The Lord Studing the Bible My hubby My children My family My online friends Creating Scraps And now i have to pass this award onto 7 people. So the 7, I have choosen are.... Angelina's Designs A Dash of Whimsical Creation Butterfly Hollow Honored Scraps Scrappy Lippy Tootsie's Creationz Witchy's Scraps Designz
Friday, October 24, 2008


Come one come all the SNS Fall Blog train
is leaving the station on Saturday October 25th... There are train cars full of awesome goodies for all to use...
SO jump on and a have fun ride...
Be sure to scroll down to see everyone where all the train stops...
WOO!!! WOO!!! click on image to download Sns Creative Team Angelina's Designs BabyV Dezign Babzy's Boutique CharmeDivaScrapz Classie Creationz Distinctively Auri Scraps Enigmaz Dezinz Foxys Designz GF Designz Honored Scraps Imps Provisations Katelynn's Designs Nydia's Scraps Peace -Scrappin Designs Rachelz_Designz Sassy Scraps Designs Scrappy Lippy Spitfire Designz Urban Mermaid Designs WDDesignz Sassy's Imigination Wench Designs Darla's Place
Monday, October 20, 2008
I've been Kissed by Sizzels Designs with a Q and A Kissed By Sizzel Q & ASizzel wants to know...
Sizzel has asked a few questions... when I answer, I will pass along, Thanks Sizzel! 1. How long have you been using PSP, PS? I started out in 7 years ago with PSP8 then worked into PSPX with the help and encouragement from aswwet friend EB. Now I am branch slowly into Adobe CS3. But still use PSPX for most of my creations. 2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits? I started by making signature tags in a support group. Then I branched off into the MSN groups where many friends gave me encouragement design web pages for MSN groups. Then my bf Cathy encouraged me to make kits earlier in this year. 3. Who`s your fave artist? Oh my gosh. I'd have to say, Rachele Tallamy, Zindy Zone, but I love are so I love all the creation. 4.Who`s your favorite Scrap Designer? !Oh my!!! There are sooo many of them. I'd have to say, SNS Designers, Kay Miller and Sabre. 5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday? Mine, (lol does that count?) Sonya's Fun House, Sizzel, Gill's Tutorial, and then as many others that I can. Ok Ladies its your turn, just replace Sizzel name with mine and forward to 3 people you want to know a little more about. I am sending this on to: Angelina Designs Cha Designs Gf Designz

"ProximidadeAward" or "Friendship Around The World Award"

Thank you So much Sonya, Sizzel, Enigma and Nydia for this award...
I am honoured to recieve it...
This award is called the "ProximidadeAward" or "Friendship Around The World Award". Originally this award was written in Spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world. I now need to pass it on to eight other designers:
Friday, October 17, 2008
Beautiful Arch...
This is Freebie Mini Kit...
I appreciate all who come to my blog.
Click on preview to download kit.
3 flat ribbons
2 frames
1 gel leaf
1 gel glass element
3 gel flower
2 flowers
1 flowers covered Archway
2 bows with curly ribbon
2 butterfly riboons
6 papers (1800x1800 @ 300dpi) Personal Use & S4O/S4H Use Only
Vella will be 34 years old this Saturday!So if you would like to celebrate with her and get yourself something while you're at it, check out the stores where her kits are on sale all day this Saturday October 18th. They will be 34% off.You can go HERE or HERE to find them easier *wink*
Also, dont forget next week is SnS Fall Blog Train freebies! There will be alot of freebies so dont forget to check back next Saturday. My part of the blog train will be available for only ONE week, than i remove the link and put it in the store. So dont miss out now, its a great kit.
Sunday, October 12, 2008


Happy Columbus Day
Sweet N Sassy Digi Scrapper
for a great one day Sale!!!
Kits by the Designer are on sale below.
This includes personal and cu items.
Scraps by Peace-75%
Scapping Lippy-40%
GF Designz-50%
Sassy Scraps-75%
Angelina Designs-50%
Classie Creations-40%
BabyV-50 %
Moonlight Scraps=45%
Babzy's Boutique-50%
Butterfly Hollow-50%
Ivorys Designz-40%
Honored Scraps-40%
Urban Mermaid-20%
Distinctively Auri Scraps-40%
WD Designs 60%
Be sure not to miss it!!!
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Halloween is fast approaching so the Sweet n Sassy Digiscrappers have put together a spooktacular Grab Bag for you! 12 Designers have come together and made their biggest kit yet! This kit is so huge it has over 400KB! There were 2 color themes for this MEGA Grab bag, so you'll be able to mix & match between the kits to create hundreds of layouts!! Grab it HERE
I have been given this AWARD! Thank you so much to Stacey for this amazing award. This award is called the "Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around the World Award".Originally, this award was written in Spanish, but it translates to highlight Blogs that are pleasing or special in some way and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world. Now, It is my turn to pass this award on to 8 Blogs.
Here are my choices:
Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hi all! Would you like to receive all my kits for free? Then join my Creative Team!! I am looking for 3-5 people to write at least two tutorial with my kits. In turn you will reacieve all my kits that I have in the store now and if you continue to use my kits for tuts you will also recieve any NEW kits, I create. I will also add your tut site here and in my other groups I am in. Now, isn't that a great trade... Please email me at with Ct Call in the header and a link to your site Hugs, Peace
Thursday, September 11, 2008
Sale has ended.. I am sorry If you missed the freebies...
But if you hurry you still get my kits at 25% off the orignal price...
In Honour of the those who where lost in the the attack of 9/11. ____________________________________________________
All my kits at
Sweet & Sassy store will be FREE for a few hours. From 7:30 am central time until 12:00 pm central time you can come and take what you want. Some of the other Designers have decided to do the same as well. So don't miss out this will never be repeated again. Some of the Designers who have joined are listed below. Sassy's Imigination Babzy's Boutique Peace Loyal KD Angelina's Designs Angel Dreamer Butterfly Hollow Scrappy Lippy We Will NEVER Forget Stand Tall America - United We Stand Divided We Fall!
Thursday, August 28, 2008

A New Adventure

I am now Designing kits for a Store. My hope is that this will help me to pay for some of the expenses I en cure for the supplies I use to design these kits. In addition to helping me in other financial areas. If you like my kits please show your support by going here and purchasing my latest kit Autumn Dreams. I will however put an occasional freebie. Thank you all who come by and snag my Kits and for all you kind comments and support... Hugs, Peace
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding a success...:D

My daughters wedding went beautifully. Although we had a few snags a few days prior to the wedding but all turned out great in the end. Photos can be seen here. Will get more up soon. I will try to get something created and shared soon. Things have been just a bit caotic but they are starting to calm down a little. Thank you everyone for stopping in here and for all you kind words. Have a blessed day. Hugs, Peace
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mom is finally at rest.

As of 9:35 cst, Friday, June 20th, 2008, my mother finished her earthly course(died) and enter into rest to await for the day of resurrection in kingdom of our Beloved Father. When she will awake with a new body, one that is not laid down with the infirmities of this one she left behind. I rejoice in the knowledge that my mother is no longer suffering, but sorrow, for I will miss her. I have found comfort in the scriptures.With tearful eyes and a heavy heart, I ask that you will continue to keep my my dad and my family in you prayers. Thank you. Hugs, Peace
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life is stressful...

My Dad had all of moms life support disconnected Wednesday June 11th. She is brain dead, unresponsive and deteriorating more each day. The Doctors say probably another 3 or 4 days. It saddens me to see her in this state. But I am, thankful to the Lord that she isn't suffering. I am strengthen by the scriptures and by my faith in God that all will work out according to His plans for my mother and my family. Life is difficult but with God we can endure all things. Thank you for stopping in and if you would say a little pray my mom, my dad, my family and me. Hugs, Peace
Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update, mom is worse...

And it goes on the dr's now give her about 5 more days. :'( She is now unresponsive and they fear that if she were to survive she would be 80% brain dead. My dad has suffered so much stress in the past five months that my mother has been in the hospital. That he has had 2 minor heart attracts. The dr's are keep him under suppervision. I am so sad over all of it. But I am glad that my dad has finally relise that it is better let my mom go then let her continue to suffer. I will be leaving to go back to Pa where my parents live on Wednesday. Not sure of the date of my return as of yet. Will keep you up to date as I am able. I would so appreciate your prayers for my family and I as we go through this. Hugs, Peace
Friday, May 30, 2008


Hi Everyone... Update on my RL issues. It sure has been a whirlwind of events. First, I want to thank all for your thoughts and prayers. I do sooo appreciate each of you. As most know my mother has been really sick. She is still hanging in there, but she is on a respirator and dopped up on heavy doses of morphin. The dr's say it is a moment by moment situtation. So thier outlook of for my mother is grim. Please, I ask for you to continue to keep us in your prayers. I trust the Lord will watch over my mother and family through this. In addition to this the family with whom we have been living with, an elderly couple in there early to mid 70's, whom I have been helping to care for the paralized elderly man. The 73 yr old man(Carl) died on May 23. I was there in his last moments. It was a peaceful death and now he is at rest. His wife is doing fine and she has asked us to continue to stay here with her. I was close to Carl so it was difficult to watch him die and I do miss him. However, I am glad that he is now at rest and no longer suffering. I am greatful to the Lord for allowing him to die with out any additional suffering. Life has surely been a experience and I continue to strive with the help of Jesus Christ. hugs, Peace
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayers, hope and faith

Hi all. God surely has given us much strength. I have been sooo stressed out and overwhelmed with my mother. It has only been through hope, faith and prayers, that my family and I have been able to deal with this and other trials. She has been sick and in the hospital for over 4 months now. She has increasingly gotten worse. In addition to having pneumonia, she has major infection in her colon, kidney's, liver, and bladder. She had emergency surgery last night to remove part of her colon (80%). She was bleeding excessively due to the dr.'s giving her to much blood thinners. She is extremely weak and is on deaths door fighting to stay alive. She is in critical but stable condition at the moment. I have great faith that whatever may come it is all in plan with what the good Lord wills. Sorry for the lack of posting and new scrap kits. I haven't had time to design lately. And to tell you the truth I don't have any desire to create right now. I ask all who read this if you pray to keep my mom in your prayers. God bless you all. Hugs, Peace
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mother's Love Scrap Kit (links updated)

I was thinking abouth Mother's Day. Which is about a month away. I started to think of what would be nice for a scrap kit for this special day for all those hard working moms. It took me 3 weeks due to my time being very limited. But I dia get it finished. I do think it turned out great... I believe anyone would enjoy creating something with this awesome kit.
Here you can find a great tutorial from Kylie.
Thanks for stopping in.
Hugs, Peace
Download Here> MothersLove.rar & Papers-ML.rar Kit Contains 16 papers 3 tags 6 frames 3 butterflies 2 roses 4 flowers 2 #1 Mom heart charms 3 budding branches with bows 6 bows 3 ribbon wraps 3 flat ribbons 1 gem 2 flowery vines 2 doubld Mothers Love heart 3 double hearts with jewels
Thursday, April 3, 2008

I created a Whopper of kit...

I got carried away I just adore the elements and colors I used in for this one. It is a big one... over a 100 mb... Too many items that all couldn't be shown in the preview.
Lots more in the kit. Was $5.99 USD. NOW it is free. It will create some really nice tags as well as pages.
This Kit Contains
21 papers
3 different frames
17 assorted butterflys
15 assorted flowers
2 bows
2 flat ribbons
1 curled ribbon
1 tag
2 doodles
1 staple
Over 70 items in this kit.
Download here > Springflutters.rar & Paper.rar

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